Loving Local during Lockdown

At Yours by Wellington on a Plate

400+ businesses lifted from lockdown

Our lockdown project saw us focusing, not on Level 4 but on what we could see was coming next. We knew the hospitality sector had taken a massive hit, and we wanted to help our local food heroes to get back on their feet and be re-discovered in Level 3, when they were limited in how they could offer their services, but desperate to start trading again.

The idea was to put all the new food offerings on a map, to encourage people to explore what was around them, locally. We also wanted to help people through the confusion of who was open, and what was being offered and how? From meal kits to ingredients, to hot deliveries, we wanted these great new offerings to be easily found.

We're thrilled to have worked with our fellow foodies at Visa Wellington on a Plate, and big ups to Wellington NZ for coming to the party too.


Pictures tell a thousand words

By showing you all the food offerings with great imagery, we're letting your eyes do the shopping. Better than a straight list of who's open, we show you the top dishes from each provider, to make you aware of the range of offerings and above all, to make you hungry!

A map helps you see what's round the corner

By placing all the "At Yours" offerings on a map, we've found that people were discovering more of what's on offer in their own neighbourhood, plus you filter to see who delivers into your area. This is all about supporting your local providers. #lovelocal

Dynamic data means it's always up to date

As businesses expanded their offerings during the first opening levels, and the next, they simply update everything themselves, adding a new ordering app; extending services and hours; announcing new dishes; or heralding new ingredients. Our providers log in and make their own changes live - so you know what's on offer is as fresh as it gets.

While they can list every way you can access them (all the apps/sites they are represented on) they can also nominate their preferred channel on their "order here" button.

Smart tech choices gave us great pace

The Wellington on a Plate festival uses a Content Management System, Kickerberry, to handle restaurant registrations and applications as well as providing access to this data via an API. The same engine was used here, to allow us to quickly respond to this opportunity. The API is used to pull all of the venue and offering data into the web page.

We agreed that mapping functionality would be brilliant so you could browse specific areas, and building the map was one of the trickier parts of the project; syncing up hundreds of venues from API data to be displayed over the greater Wellington region. In the end, the map is one of our proudest features; fully integrated with the filter and API data set so that dynamically filtering listings on the page also updates the map icons seamlessly.

The heart-warming results

This website, built in a lighting fast pace of a little over a week, has helped over 400 businesses get back on their feet again, and get back to serving their customers. Peaking at 45,000 page views a day, the site has been wickedly popular, with an average time on each page being over 2 minutes.

Great team work between the Click Suite crew and Visa Wellington on a Plate team meant this offering was ready for the first day of new business, and the feedback that flooded in moved us to tears. We were so proud to put our lockdown time to such great use and help so many businesses get back to business, and so many Wellingtonians fan their love affair with local offerings.
"Thank you for such a brilliant platform! It makes it so easy to support local businesses."

"Thanks so much WOAP team, massive effort xx"

"This is exactly what every hospitality/food retailers NEED right now. And it's what the public will WANT right now too. This is the most helpful thing your platform could have done in these exceptional circumstances to help businesses back on their feet. Well done to you and your team."

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