Community-made memories

Tuhoe: Te Uru Taumatua

The Challenge

To create a tool which allowed Tūhoe to collect and share their own stories with their own people, on site in their new eco-building in Taneatua.


We worked up various personas that represented the people who we would be connecting with through this work. These personas helped us to identify opportunities to engage and also influenced how the content was shaped and structured.

The Tech

We developed a series of nested Matai tables, which allow for close connection between users, as well as a sense of personal space to explore within. The software allows for visitors to tautoko (show their support for) a story, add comments, and add related stories so that their voice can be represented.
We also did a massive installation of monitors, forming a mosaic pattern, which creates a breath-taking first impression as you walk in the door. The monitors are bright and crisp and the range of images displayed on them totally stand out. We tautoko that!

The Results

The latest addition to the Bay of Plenty landscape is a proud Living building in Taneatua. Te Uru Taumatua is the long anticipated home for Tūhoe and is the only building in NZ to participate in the International Living building Challenge. The technology contained within it gives this new building a totally up to the minute feel and a real reflection of the community it is home to.

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