Text the wall & see …

Temperance Bar: installation

The Challenge

The Temperance bar were looking for something to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd in the highly competitive entertainment sector in the Wellington CBD.

The Idea

This unique interactive projection does just that - by creating a projected scene within a large atrium space on the ground floor of their main bar area.

During the day, a vine grows slowly against a Mediterranean style background, curling around a mosaic of the Temperance logo. As the vines grow, flowers, leaves, ladybirds and bees randomly appear in the scene.

As the evening progresses, the design transitions into a night scene in which the vines stop growing and are cast with a blue hue. The ladybirds are replaced with lizards and the lamps flicker to draw patrons' attention to the prompt: “text in your name for it to become part of the scene”.

Once a patron's name has been sent to the number, it appears within the scene attached to a firefly bug. The firefly bugs fly into the scene disappearing and reappearing throughout the evening.

The design was styled with broad graphic shapes and heavily saturated colours to compensate for it being projected onto a large grey block wall (where natural light is cast during the day).

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