Stories told through collage

Puke Ariki: Taranaki Stories

When Puke Ariki wanted stories of success and inspiration from the Taranaki region, we did our research. We visited the museum in New Plymouth, spoke with Puke Ariki’s historians and had the doors unlocked for us at the little known TSB Bank Museum across the road.
We discovered that there was a wealth of fascinating stories to be shared with visitors and that the TSB Bank had played a significant part in the Taranaki region’s growth over the past 160 years. A book about the history of the TSB Bank by David Walter added to the many possible stories we could feature, including the bank’s very first deposit in 1850 of £34 from Waitara te Karei; the dramatic history of the TSB Opera House (now known as the TSB Showplace Theatre); and the inspiring story of The Chong family who pioneering modern dairy farming and the innovation of a ‘pound of butter’.
Our solution is a wide touch-screen with a timeline of photographs, newspaper clippings and artefacts. The user can swipe the screen to navigate each story from start to finish. The content is king and the each story essentially tells itself. The result is a modern interactive which was not only inexpensive but effective in its storytelling simplicity.

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