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Sisters of Compassion: Ngā Whaea Tapu Pōaroha

The Challenge

In a teeny exhibition, we had the challenge to capture the unique essence of natural remedies invented by Mother Mary Aubert in the late 1800's.

The Idea

Using the nun's own handwriting, and botanical sketches from her notebooks, we made an animated interactive that let visitors choose an ailment and find the matching remedy. Next time you are suffering from scrofula you should try it!

The Tech

A very simple touchscreen interactive that feels as handmade as the remedies themselves.

The use of the original imagery, along with a 3-D model of the actual remedy bottle, and some soft accompanying sound effects, is a surprisingly engaging experience.

The Results

Mary Joseph Aubert was a Catholic nun, nurse, herbalist, teacher, social worker and writer. Her influential career in New Zealand spanned more than six decades.

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