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Sei Cento: wine brand online

Designing for yourself has to be the hardest challenge of all. There’s no “client”; you can do anything!

In the end, restraint was the key word to telling the story of Emily and Rex’s wine. A passionate hobby that produces a surprisingly popular wine only needed a simple web page, with a single call to action, and even that didn’t need to be in your face.

Sometimes subtle, like the flavours in an aged wine, wins the day.

Sei Cento was a great opportunity to show how a brochure site can be simple, elegant and smart. It does exactly what it needs to with clarity and room to breathe, all on one page - impeccably responsive to any device. It tells the brand's story, it provides links to purchase the wine or contact the owners, and it shows off the bottle. Now that's what we call a perfect match.

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