Design that adapts to each show

Royal NZ Ballet: company website

A solid foundation

Click Suite has been working with the RNZB for several years now, and one benefit of this on-going relationship is a bank of user-research and audience-familiarity we can draw on. We decided it was time to give the site a refresh, but rather than start from scratch we were able to build the new site on the solid conceptual foundations of the old one.

Flexible and responsive

We knew from prior research that the site structure - shows, backstage, education and news - works really well with the target audience. Building on this, we wanted a more modern and flexible content-management system and a fresh front-end design that would be impeccably responsive on any device.

Each show takes the spotlight

As a new show is launched we let it come to life on the home page by introducing movement into the graphics.  Always done in keeping with the feel of the show, and always done with a sense of elegance, these really bring an unexpected magic to the website.

En pointe

The new site has a sharp typographic design that's flexible enough to work with any future campaigns the RNZB might run. Running on WordPress, it's super simple to update and has a lot of neat, customisable features. For example, the whole site uses a tertiary colour for links and sub-menus that can be changed in the CMS - if a future season has a pop 80s aesthetic, the subdued golds currently used throughout the site can be changed out to hot pinks with a couple of clicks in the content-management system.
This is our favourite kind of result - a new site that makes life easier for the people running the site, and works better for the user - all done with aplomb.

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