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NZ Drug Foundation: Pot Help

The Challenge

Help pot smokers reduce their reliance on pot - and to support them on their journey to becoming pot free.


We worked closely with the Foundation, specialist counsellors and subject matter experts to come up with a solution to help pot smokers quit. We were able to leverage their deep knowledge of our target audience, and doing our final user testing on the prototype site confirmed that reflecting a successful counselling methodology online was indeed a successful choice.

The Idea

Provide a special journey for website users to take, at their own pace. The journey would being with an assessment, and then a sequence of actions. Each action would be accompanied by relevant video interviews with other smokers and self-reflective work for the user to complete. Their progress through the site would be reflected back to them, to help encourage them to keep going.

The Results

The site was launched late 2013 and will undergo a series of continuous enhancements over the course of this year to keep it growing, relevant and responsive to the needs of the community. The whole experience for users is very much tailored to the audience with only short bursts of focus required, assurances that they are anonymous, and continual reinforcement from others who have “been there, done that”.

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