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NZ Lotteries Commission: retail stores

NZ Lotteries wanted to transform their point of sale posters from paper-based to digital. This would save them having to reprint and disseminate the posters several times a week (to keep up with ever changing prize pool amounts!).
Digital signage is an interesting challenge: done wrong and you can confuse or overload your audience, then any signs quickly become “wallpaper”. But done right and you will catch their eye and motivate a thought or action. We took note of the common mistakes typically made by digital signage content providers. Clutter and too much animation often their downfall, making the signs off-putting for customers who are already bombarded with an overwhelming array of advertising.
The digital content meant that they would be able to customise different messages to appear at strategic times of the week and communicate specifically to Lotto customers within a region. This meant that we had to create flexible designs for the signage so that the NZ Lotteries staff could change the prize amounts and messages on demand – but still have them look good. Click Suite’s solution was to design an experience which had simple and beautifully executed messages which would excite and motivate Lotto customers.

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