Hybridise your own 3D orchid

Auckland Museum: Wonderland - The Mystery of the Orchid

The Challenge

Upon entering the Wonderland exhibition at Auckland Museum, visitors discovered the Museum Garden, a magical world of orchid-related objects from the Museum’s rich collections. From there, we wanted to open doorways into the fascinating science and spell-binding stories of this most mysterious family of flowers.

The Idea

Create an interactive experience that would let museum visitors take two of the world's best loved flowers – the orchid and the rose - and explode their magical attractions into a two-part wonderland of storytelling and sensory experience.

The Tech

In a first for a New Zealand exhibition space, the interactive was delivered as multi-touch experience. This large touch-screen allowed visitors to use two hands at the same time to pan and zoom around the 3-D flower, enabling them to view their creation from all angles.

The Results

The Hybridiser, designed and developed by Click Suite, was an interactive within the Orchids Exhibition. It allowed visitors to create their own unique hybrid orchid from two selectable parents. Visitors could choose the attributes they liked from each orchid parent, including colour and texture. Their hybrid was then revealed in spectacular 3-D. The creator of the virtual hybrid could then send a picture of their flower to their own email account and to friends. They could also add it to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. This added component of social media extended the reach of the exhibition, bringing other visitors in to experience it for themselves and show-off their own hybrid orchid to friends and family!

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