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We worked with the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, alongside Sir Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop, to create two digital pieces for the exhibition Gallipoli: The Scale of our War. The exhibition combines the best of the movie-making, museum, and digital worlds to create an immersive experience that we think is truly world-class.

“It was a joy working with the amazing and highly creative talent on the Te Papa Gallipoli exhibition with the team at Click Suite – conceptualizing and then delivering a world class product that enthrals the viewer and tells a dramatic concept in a beautiful and elegant way. An incredibly challenging technical brief – delivered with extraordinary efficiency and zero fuss. ” Sir Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

The Challenge

One of our tasks for the exhibition was to create an interactive to allow visitors to explore and discover more about the regimental badges worn at Gallipoli. It’s part of an educational strand within the exhibition. We introduce visitors to the glorious detail of the badges, their meanings and even invite visitors to create their own.

The Idea

Close-ups of the badges are the stars of this interactive. While there are physical badges in the case next to the interactive, on the screen they are huge so you can really examine the detail and craftsmanship. The information around each badge is presented on an archival collection tag in keeping with the style of the era. Visitors are also able create their own badge, choosing their components and creating a design sketch, which is then revealed on a period-accurate poster of the era.

The Tech

This interactive is built as an HTML5 app to allow numerous future possibilities for the experience. It uses CSS animations and JavaScript to make the interactive feel like a polished multimedia experience rather than the web page it essentially is! It is presented on a portrait 42” multi-touch screen. The interactive compiles the badge combinations you choose, and presents these back to you in a poster which you can email home.

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