Presenting the new power play

Flick Electric: retailer website

The Challenge

A new brand has arrived in the electricity market, this one with a whole new proposition to consumers. Our challenge was to convey the information on how their offering was different, to educate potential customers.


We began with clear personas, capturing the various customers, and we tested concepts on users during our design process. This helped us understand what the most important features of the new offering were - from the customers perspective.

The Idea

The result is a clean and bright site that lets users drill into any detail they want, or scroll down the page to get the big picture of what’s on offer. Behind the scenes we've created a “dashboard” of the customer’s account with very clear and bold graphs that make complex data and real-time pricing information super easy to get at a glance.

The Result

Flick have just gone live, and so far customers in Hamilton and Wellington (where they are available) are lapping up this bold new independent offering. With demonstrable prices savings and the empowerment of real-time electricity prices it’s no wonder that smart consumers are signing up!

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