Fast Fresh & Tasty

The Challenge

Our foodie fans love the Fast Fresh and Tasty iOS app (they use it on average 13 times a month) and we wanted to make the content available to more people on more devices.

The Idea

Instead of making another app, we decided to serve the same recipes that are in the app to a simple, fast, responsive website.

The emphasis for these recipes is on eating what’s fresh, local and in season – so we also give our users around the world recipes for their season.

The Tech

The same database that's used for our app with a fresh front end – what’s not to love about recycling?

Built using the AngularJS framework, we created an app-like experience with smooth transitions between pages and avoided clunky page loads. This approach also made our job easier by allowing us to break down elements of the website into reusable modules that are populated by one set of data.

The Result

A fresh new website that serves these popular recipes up to anyone, on any device – quickly, elegantly, and beautifully.

See the results for yourself
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