Fast Fresh & Tasty

The Challenge

This popular recipe app was created to help food brands get a deeper connection with consumers; and to help New Zealanders expand their repertoire of week night meals using local products.


Research revealed that kiwis have between 5 and 7 dishes they regularly cook for weeknight meals. The app store at the time was crammed with international recipe apps, but none that reflected our local market.

Searches on recipes in NZ from mobile devices (including within supermarkets) were growing which helped demonstrate that there was a desire from consumers to find new ideas.

The Idea

The idea was born to create the only recipe app that celebrated local products and flavours.

Adding a seasonal aspect to the app was part of the strategy to keep the app current, and get over the common scenario that apps are downloaded, used for a bit, then abandoned.

Features such as shopping lists (that you can text or email to someone else) as well as social media sharing of what you're cooking were also designed to follow trends being displayed by consumers in other media.

The Results

The app reached number one in the app store within hours of release, and has reappeared there many times since.

Users are using the app 13 times a month to decide what's for dinner tonight, and the use of the app has not waned over the almost two years it has been in the market.
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