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Equinox IT: company website

When Equinox IT approached Click Suite to refresh their web presence we didn’t look at their website, we looked at their people. Wen we looked at the competition we saw websites devoid of authentic people, crammed with content and confusing navigation. It was a sea of blandness and sameness. We knew that Equinox had a unique story to tell and this was our chance to help their company’s personality shine.
Our Experience Designers helped Equinox re-architect the website’s navigation and information. Our goal was to only have content on the site that was useful and helped a visitor meet their goals. We believe that they have achieved that objective, and for customers it’s now also faster and easier contact the relevant person at Equinox.
The Equinox IT website now has a very different look to its predecessor, but it’s authentically Equinox. What you see is what you actually get - putting people first, being open and honest, sharing knowledge and making a difference - and we’re happy to have helped them bring all that to light.

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