An app that translates dog speak?

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Working with an expert

When Terry Lajambe approached Click Suite with his idea, we knew this was going to be a one-of-a-kind project. His pitch was hard to take seriously - an app for translating human speech to canine barks. But Terry is no joker - he worked for 15 years as a high-level business consultant and now runs his North Island family farm which his father ran successfully for 50 years before that. At first he had our curiousity - but then he had our attention.

Over 30 years of research

As it turned out, Terry had much more than just an idea - he had 30 years of his father's research into human-canine communication. He had taken these tape recordings and sketches and turned them into a complex waveform algorithm - where he needed help was turning this into something any farmer could use.

Turning deep insights into a user-friendly app

Click Suite approached this daunting task as we would any project - starting with high-level strategy and user goals before moving into a series of iterative UX wireframes and initial prototypes. The simple explanation of DoggleTranslate is that the working dogs wear bone-conducting wireless receivers, and when the farmer inputs commands into the app they are translated and transmitted to the dogs. You can see an alpha build of the app in the video above - this app was field-tested from an early stage.

Constant user-testing

With such an unusual and experimental proposition it was important to do a lot of user-testing. Terry gave DoggleTranslate a good thrashing on the farm, and we had regular visits from some canine friends in the Click Suite office to work out the nuances of human-canine app design.

DoggleTranslate goes into closed beta

Terry and Click Suite are excited to announce that DoggleTranslate is ready for a closed beta - we've ironed out the major bugs and have a stable release of the platform complete with a shiny new interface. We can't wait to see how this will influence the future of farming - we think it's the dog's bollocks.

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