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Curio Publisher: software for museums and galleries

Curio Publisher is an innovative web-based software that allows museums to create their own interactive displays, which they can update and manage without needing specialist skills or consultants. Click Suite created the Curio brand and did design and UX to help make the software as simple to use as possible.

Click Suite has a long history working with the GLAM sector and in 2016 we collaborated with Te Papa, our national museum, and our colleagues from Touchtech and Story Inc to create a solution to problems we could see in the sector.

The main things we were addressing was:
  • Bespoke digital experiences are expensive – was there a way to make them cheaper?
  • Updating interactives either required going back to a contractor, even for a simple update, or using a content management system which often increased the budget even further. We knew museums wanted to be more agile and responsive.

We also knew how much visitors love simple interactive experiences with cracking great stories, insights and even secrets in them. They don’t have to be complicated, they just need good content. Curio allows museums to take an object; create highlights; add stories to those highlights using images, video ,text etc; add languages and context and publish the resulting interactive to a touchscreen on the gallery floor for visitors to encounter. The best interactives feature curators sharing their knowledge and their passion for the subject.

Curio is being used for:

  • Detailed zooming on objects and paintings to find multiple stories
  • What’s on today? - map of an area with daily changing content
  • Decluttering objects cases and creating a single interactive object label
  • Bringing exhibits to life with video and audio in particular
  • Allowing community voices to be captured, and for communities to create their own content
  • The language function can be used to also offer different perspectives on the same topic

  • Other examples can be found here

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