Get contracts checked online

A great idea, but not quite the execution. Our client, Catherine, came to us with a cracking idea and a prototype website and that she knew wasn’t quite making the grade. She had done her research and understood the (busy) small business market she was targeting. Her offering was to provide them with a service where they could quickly, and reliably, get a contract checked by a lawyer for a set fee.

A fresh new brand

We knew there was no need to reinvent the wheel and so we turned to Shopify to provide us with the technology, and we gave our attention to creating a new name, a brand, a well-considered user experience, and designing templates to present the offering in a professional, slick, and easy way that would work for its audience.

A slick offering

The deceptively simple offering allows small businesses to select exactly what service they need, get a set price, upload their contract, and pay. Within the agreed period they get their contract back with a plain English summary of what it’s really saying, and alerts about risks and liabilities contained in it.

Making good business sense

We turned the project around in just 2 weeks, and encouraged decisions that limited the upfront cost, so this new business could move quickly into a pilot and prove its worth in the market, without the need for over capitalising.

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