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City Gallery: Gallery website

An Exhibition Wall

We were thrilled to work with City Gallery Wellington, an icon of New Zealand's cultural sector, on their new website. We wanted a new website that had respect for the artists; where the website itself took a backseat to the artwork, like a white exhibition wall in a gallery. Further, it had to be elegant and easy to use for both gallery visitors as well as City Gallery staff. After an extensive process of interviews with staff and visitors and several iterations of UX, we arrived at a robust solution.

Timeless design

The City Gallery website is clean and elegant and sits on a solid grid, but it doesn't have an ego - the artwork is the hero of this site, not the site itself. Nevertheless, this simplicity is deceptive; the site has a fully-featured WordPress back-end to ensure the various needs of every part of the City Gallery organization are met without frustration.

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