Burger Wellington, Cocktail Wellington

The Challenge

As part of the annual Visa WOAP festival, a special range of burgers and cocktails are offered to Wellington diners each August. For the third year running, we're pleased to help out with a nice, simple, mobile website to help you choose your burgers and cocktails.

The Idea

The site takes data from a spreadsheet of over 100 burgers and 40 cocktails, and allows burger lovers to filter it by main ingredient and location to find something appealing in their area. We’ve also made it easy to enter other terms to search on, if you fancy a particular flavour, such as Cajun, or a special ingredient, such as bacon. These search results generate a special URL which means they’re highly shareable.

The Results

Well, if we thought the first year delivered incredible results, with 33,000 visits and 54,000 searches, it turned out that was nothing on 2015’s incredible 72,000 site visits and 131,000 searches for burgers. Not bad for a two week festival.

Making the voting online, and easy from your mobile, has also seen the numbers of votes increase exponentially each year, with almost 10,000 votes cast this year, almost double last years efforts. These results show exceptional engagement in the festival, as a result of easy to access content.
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