Illustrating a hero's diary

Auckland Museum: Pou Maumahara

Pou Maumahara

Auckland War Memorial Museum's Pou Maumahara, the Memorial Discovery Centre, is a place for visitors to research and make personal discoveries about New Zealand servicemen and women. It is home to Auckland Museum's Online Cenotaph - visitors can explore the stories behind photos, diaries and military collections. At Click Suite we had the privilege of crafting three interactive experiences for the new space to highlight special stories and help show what Online Cenotaph can be used for.

Harold Butterworth

Harold Butterworth was a young man with a passion for planes, whose dedication led to him flying with the Royal Airforce. He kept a detailed diary for much of this time, giving an extraordinary insight into this most daring of roles.

Untangling the Truth

This interactive is based around Harold's diary, with key passages highlighted. Harold's diary ends before his fate is made clear, so the second part of this experience is to read through some of the additional documents that the researchers have found. By the end you discover the truth of what happened.

The Results

With rare and moving photos from Harold's own collection alongside his personal testimony, this experience gives a real insight into the kind of person Harold Butterworth was and what led him to do the things he did. It then helps you to uncover his fate as his relatives would have, and suggests the power of research in finding endings.

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