Learning what alcohol does

Lion: Alcohol & Me

The Challenge

Our client, Lion, is keen to fulfil their genuine desire to be a socially responsible business, and to provide meaningful education around drinking and how it actually affects your body.
Our work with University Students revealed that they knew very little, and yet there was a genuine, if latent, desire to understand more.

The Idea

Lion currently run fabulously effective workshops which get participants discussing their drinking and learning things such as why counting your drinks makes a big different to a great night, and a great morning after.
Aimed primarily at employees of large corporations, and offered as part of their professional development, the content from the workshops has been repurposed into an online learning module that can be completed at your leisure.

The Result

The resulting web-based learning modules tracks each user and their progress through the four different parts.
A rich variety of media is used to enhance the learning with interactive exercises that challenge you to think; to see if you can pour a standard drink; offer you a typical night out and show how many times you have choices to make it turn out ok; and quirky videos that explain exactly how alcohol affects your body. That makes for a fully engaging learning experience, and we hope many newly educated drinkers making better choices.

See the results for yourself
We are now rolling the programme out in Australia.

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