Our work

We have an extensive portfolio of work that spans 20 years and covers every digital medium you can think of (and then some!).

On this page is a very small sample of some of our recent work, so you can get the idea, call us for a chat to see how we can uniquely meet your needs, and your budget while delighting your audience.

Ballet on the street

A projection on the St. James Theatre

Ballet Bites

Royal New Zealand Ballet on Screen

A curiously fresh new look

Visa Wellington on a Plate: Festival website

Making your own interactive display

Curio Publisher: software for museums and galleries

Loving local during lockdown

"At Yours" by Wellington on a Plate

A 3D adventure with eels

Te Papa: Te Taiao | Nature

Taking a victim’s perspective

Ministry of Justice: Victims of sexual violence

Winning over a reluctant audience

Tahi Ngātahi: Health & safety learning online

Physical & digital baking fun

Chelsea Sugar Factory: Visitor Centre

Making WW1 data relatable

Canterbury Museum: Lives Lost, Lives Changed

Animations on a 3D map

National Library: He Tohu

Fireflies find and follow you

Te Papa/Weta Workshop: Bug Lab

The real impact of weapons

Te Papa/Weta Workshop: Gallipoli

Make your regimental badge

Te Papa/Weta Workshop: Gallipoli

Add a poppy to honour them

Canterbury Museum: Lives Lost, Lives Changed

WW1 portraits come to life

Canterbury Museum: Lives Lost, Lives Changed

Design draws visitors in

City Gallery: Gallery website

Explore historic documents

National Library: He Tohu

Many voices in conversation

National Library: He Tohu

War archives decoded

Auckland Museum: Pou Maumahara

Our first festival offerings

Visa Wellington on a Plate: previous website

Design that adapts to each show

Royal NZ Ballet: company website

What’s for dinner tonight?

Fast, Fresh & Tasty: seasonal recipe app & website

Top-rated tourism attraction

Mataatua Wharenui: Hiko

Illustrating a hero's diary

Auckland Museum: Pou Maumahara

A photo album has a lot to say

Auckland Museum: Pou Maumahara

Self-help website

NZ Drug Foundation: Pot Help

Hand crafted for special friends

Sei Cento: wine brand online

Learning what alcohol does

Lion: Alcohol & Me

Ever-changing games online

PikPok: promoting mobile games

Exclusive and unique wines

Dry River: wine website for members only

Presenting the new power play

Flick Electric: retailer website

Curate your own collection

National Library: Lifelines

Build a 3D Melbourne

Scienceworks: Future City

Community-made memories

Tuhoe: Te Uru Taumatua

De-mystifying drugs

NZ Drug Foundation: Drug Help

How to be a good drinker

Cheers: industry education website

Hybridise your own 3D orchid

Auckland Museum: Wonderland - The Mystery of the Orchid

Demonstrating smartness

Equinox IT: company website

Selling big ticket sections

Omarino: real estate website

An app that translates dog speak?

Country Calender

Get contracts checked online

Contract Check: website for a clever start-up

Discover historic potions

Sisters of Compassion: Ngā Whaea Tapu Pōaroha

Smart, national signage

NZ Lotteries Commission: retail stores

Stories told through collage

Puke Ariki: Taranaki Stories

Can you pollinate a rose?

Auckland Museum: Wonderland - The Magic of the Rose

Text the wall & see …

Temperance Bar: installation

Unlock the design secrets

City Gallery: Antonello & the Architect

What would you write?

Anne Frank: Travelling Exhibition